Dolores Aubone, Argentina

It is our great honor to inform you that the judging for our Club show on September 17, 2022, was accepted by the recognized breed specialist Mrs. Dolores Aubone from Argentina. We are very happy about it.
Mrs. Dolores got into cynology in 1972 when she was 9 years old her parents bought the first dog, an Italian Greyhound, and at the same time the kennel named „Newcastle“, which exists until today, was established. This kennel bred many champions of Argentina, Grand champions, interchampions, South American champions, World champions, Winners of the Dogo Argentino Club rankings. Exports were also made to other countries, or to Europe.
From the age of 14 to 25, she was a professional handler.
In 1977, she began to devote herself to the Dogo Argentino breed and started her own cooperation with the Dogo Argentino Club Argentina. In 1987, „del Viejo Almacén“ kennel was established together with Mr. Enrique Quenor.
This kennel bred champions of Argentina, Grandchampions, and World champions, Winners of the Dogo Argentino Club rankings.
In the late 1980s, Mrs. Dolores was appointed as a specialist judge for the Dogo Argentino breed. Mrs. Dolores has experience with
judging in Argentina, but also abroad. Furthermore, she had the honor to judge one of the biggest club exhibitions – 40th anniversary – de la Delegación Rosario 5/5/2012, which was attended by 130 dogs.
However, he continues to be educated and participates in various trainings and courses organized under the FCA.
Her first Dogo Argentino was the female Mina de Ňa Pancha – Interchampion, Grandchampion, Winner of the Dogo Argentino Club ranking in Argentina in 1987. She also bred Grand Champions – Newcastle Viento en Popa, Altiva del Viejo Almacén, Azote del Viejo Almacén. Next the World Winner of 1993 Brava dei Naitupe was a daughter of Armonía del Viejo Almacén.